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Hot dang! Got the replacement 818 this morn, got it all set up, installing the usb firmware update now, then it's time to sit & listen to some tunes finally.
Whew! Got the new 818 all set up & installing the usb firmware update. Seems like I did this before not long ago??? Gonna line up my fav cds & give them a listen, then have Thor to watch & see how it sounds! Think I might have to turn the center down, when I was running Audyssey for that channel, a loud Suburban sans muffler drove by the house in front & so it chirped again real loud & did that the whole 8 positions lol. House is too close to the street & in this small...
My HT-RC180 was a reconditioned unit bought from A4L & after 29 months, the hdmi board failed & Onkyo did a one time out of warranty repair & it's been fine since; oth I wanted to upgrade to XT32 since I got new speakers & bought a new 818 & after 5 days it developed a thump in the sub every time the listening mode changed, even did in my Polk A7s when I turned the sub off & put them on Full Band, so it went back & a replacement is arriving today. Really do hope this is...
Memphis is the main hub for FedEx. Luckily my 818 which left Spokane arrived in Ft Worth late last nite but I haven't ck'd the tracking yet this morn but assume it made it's way overnite to Lubbock which will put it out on the truck for delivery this morn shortly before noon! Gonna get out the vac & dust cloth & clean the living room so the 818 doesn't make everything else look nasty (snicker). Fighting dust is constant here ugh. From Spokane, it went to Troutdale, OR then...
Was on 60 minutes couple months ago, they need FAA approval, said 2015 or something like that.
I'm looking forward to the day when an Amazon drone drops my package at my front door!
Guess back then, 80s, didn't mind changing records cuz I was usually wasted lol. Now it's a real pain. Most of my vinyl I have on cd anyway so guess a new tt would be more of a dust catcher kinda like the Dual is now hehe.
Just ordered some colorful hdmi cables from Monoprice. Figured might as well since I'm getting a new 818 tomorrow. I can barely wait lmao. Thinking my next toy would be an upgrade for my turntable, currently have a Dual from the 70s & really would like something that fits better on the tv stand. Have been eyeing ProJect etc for years now. Cds are so much easier to listen to, or dlna music that's on my pc. But I guess there's something to be said about the "vinyl sound" huh! 
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"
So, here's a thought. Now that I'm going to have 2 avrs, would it be worthwhile to bi-amp my A7s using the 818 & 180? Or just use the 818 to drive the mains & let the 180 drive the surrounds & wides? Or just let the 818 handle the whole shabang???
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