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Not a car sub forum.
Have a graph showing your flat to 7hz on that epic?
I can shoot my bolt gun .338 in a 2 inch grp at 300yds. At 400yds forget it. Longer the range the worst we are. So a minute of angle that I can shoot at 300yds isn't going to be true at 400yds.
At what distance?
Lots of people buy polks, what's your point?. I have my response how about you?
Or get 2 polks for even less money.. however he was asking about 2 quality subs.
Hands down the HSU. (i own a pair)
The iceman is long retired lol so maybe took up another hobby?
+1, some Funks with his nice woodwork.
But that wasn't what was being tested, it was psa fro what I read.
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