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The issue you're describing doesn't sound like the one we were having. It was only certain movies that the PS3 would have trouble playing. It never happened to me on video games and honestly, it hasn't happened to me in a long, long time since I described the issue here.
Thanks for the tip. For me the issue was with certain BDs and when asked Netflix to swap it out, the replacement worked, but I'll try your trick next time.
Quote: Originally Posted by icewolf123 The res is the recommended settings from windows 7, don't know about refresh rate. The laptop (Sony VPCEB24FD) works with vga and I can get full screen size. edit res: 1920 x 1080 and 60 Hz That res sounds fine. I guess try a different cable if you haven't done so, and if you have, try a different laptop. My guess is it is something weird with the video card software. VGA is analog, so it isn't...
Yeah it's compatible. It is unlikely that it's the cable, but you could try that cable with your cable box or blu-ray player and see if it works. I suspect it is something with your laptop though. What res and refresh rate has your laptop set the TV display at?
Try getting the latest video card drivers and installing them. Also, you made sure you set your TV input to the HDMI connection and not PC right?
Did you set your laptop to output to the Sony TV. Sometimes it defaults to still just using the laptop display.
Actually, 'Limitless' had previews that it forced me to watch despite the fact that I had previously viewed the disc. I could not skip the previews, but I could FF through them. After I did that, I was at the Top Menu and yes there are scene selections there, but it did not remember the chapter I was on last. Sure I can flip through the chapters, but this is not a resume at all. It's so primitive compared to what we had with DVD where you didn't have to see all the...
I rented 'Take Me Home Tonight' last week and 'Limitless' this week, both on BD. Something I noticed about both of them that was annoying was that neither had bookmarks and neither supported the option to resume playback. I don't mean the pre BD-J playback resume, but the newer ones where they detect that the film has been previously viewed and ask you if you want to resume. It's rare for a movie to not have either bookmarks or the resume playback. I'm wondering if...
I rented this movie from Netflix and it did not have bookmarks or the option to resume playback if you had previously viewed the film. Did anyone else notice this or was it only the Netflix rental disc that was like this?
So why do you not like this unit? Is it because of the FireWire capture issues? I know the DCH and DCT units have the firewire reboot bug, but isn't it true that when capturing video through the Firewire port on said units, the video often has errors and glitches in it? It just seems to be like the route of capturing video from these STBs using the FireWire port is destined to fail or be buggy. Seems like getting a Ceton PCI TV Tuner card, HD HomeRun Prime, etc. would...
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