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Looking forward to complaints of the game that are based on more than just hearsay.
Dallas & I played some hardcore last night and at least every game he was getting team killed at least 2-3 times.We ended up with a guy in our lobby with a [TROL] clan tag and his entire plan each game was to throw concussion grenades at his team and get them killed. Or after throwing the concussions run in front of them and start shooting so they'd panic thinking it was an enemy and kill him so they got kicked. He got kicked a few times from accidentally killing people...
The problem with spawning them in the other corner on the same side is that it puts them likely spawning into that guy running straight at them while they're spawning looking at the middle of the map = free kills for him. Good for him, bad for them. Either way someone gets angry about it.
Finally remembered the ignore feature on the forums. Much better.
New Shift code up with the new Claptrap web series video (no youtube link yet, but is up on Borderlands Facebook): Xbox 360 SHiFT Code: KBW3T-JT9ZK-F9FJF-K63TB-CBT3K
Unlock Zer0’s spooky "Hornet's Nest" customization in Borderlands 2 with the below SHiFT code! Xbox 360 SHiFT Code: 5J53B-J96HW-F9FBX-CFTT3-FTFXS
Salvador's spooky skin code is up now: Xbox 360 SHiFT Code: WTK33-HFR95-RZRJX-KRBB3-CZ3KF
Well that sucks considering most of my playing has been with randoms. Guess I'll have to wait until they patch it to go near that again.
Played some last night. Was okay but I doubt that I'd buy the game for full price. First few matches were kind of fun although still trying to figure out everything. The last match ended up going awful which I think was mostly a server issue, plus several of the other team were level 30 something in the juggernaut type outfits and were pretty tough to bring down.
New Posts  All Forums: