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You already know! 😊
.Frys online is a mess especially for energy speakers
Frys is a mess.
After I changed to this side position of my LV12R now I can feel how good this subwoofer is. Just watched with my son the frozen movie all I can say is wow!
is it okay, that my LV12R trim after audysey is -0.5? or do i need to re do it until i get -6? when i read the FAQ from the audysey FAQ it says there that we need to get the sub trim after audysey to 0. that is why i have -0.5. am i doing wrong? thanks
i still have the same sound while running the audysey. its different from my previous dayton and klipsch rw 12d. maybe thats normal sounds while on set up.
Yes you can do that.not not everyone runs their sub hot.and as per audysey faq that is tye right thing to do get the avr trim from audysey near 0. And leave it for a week of listening to get use to it with flat bass.
For me injust follow what ryhtmik said on the manual. I just run the first mic position then check if im close to -6 and i rerun the whole aud. after.i never run my sub hot.i like flat bass.what my aud sets my sub i leave it.
I have the dayton 1200 with the pair of klipsch rw 12d before, which is dayton didnt let me down comparing it to the klipsch. Sold both and get RYTHMIK LV12R. And my house are shaking.
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