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Someone has to break the news to him...it is the usual. Am I right boys?
You're such an early bird with your gaming. I can't get on now, but I can't get on tonight if anyone else is.
Yeah, I don't think I will be the guy to just get on and play hoping friends will join anymore. I'll have to have something scheduled I think. Only occasionally do I look, via my phone's PS4 app, to see who's playing and join off them.
I'm going to start red flagging you troll.
If an hour or so ago I would have saw your post, then I would have jumped on. How's about a heads up next time. Like a time in the future as opposed to the present.
I'm guessing that thing is worth its weight in baby.I've played with some guys that have had some funny baby stories. Of course they were too embarrassed to mention what was going on while we were playing until the next day or something.I've only watched a few streams, and it has only been recently while "hanging" out with the wife when I "wasn't" allowed to game. I was bored. What I ended up seeing was the absolute craziest way to play the game I play the most. Like,...
Yeah. It'd be really cool if that feature worked on the PS4, but 85% of the time it doesn't record the right clip (while playing BF4).
I can get on tonight...if anyone still plays this game.
I don't do the fb. AVS is my fb.
So, preorder anywhere to get beta access?
New Posts  All Forums: