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I'm about to return a pair of MM-1s since they apparently don't work with Windows 8. Considering an Airmotiv as a replacement but looks like they're all unavailable from Emotiva - any idea what's going on there? Are they retiring this line?
Didn't realize there was one, but thanks for the tip!
Thanks but isn't that the opposite converter? i.e. takes a USB stream and turns it into coax or optical, rather than the other way around?
OK, so my main stereo system is a Peachtree Nova fed by a Sonos by optical link and a Synology NAS drive by USB link (for occasional playing of 24/96 files which Sonos doesn't support). Just moved into a bigger house and want to set up some additional Sonos zones with less expensive setups. I have my eye on the Outlaw RR2150, which looks like a beautiful piece of equipment. But its only digital input is USB, while the Sonos boxes can only output digitally via optical or...
Yes, most pop recordings are fake in this respect, with the "sound stage" assembled after the fact in ProTools. One great exception, since it was recorded in one take in a church, is the Cowboy Junkies' The Trinity Session. Also, two great classical examples that popped into my mind - the Hogwood/Academy of Ancient Music version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, and the Pinnock/English Concert version of the Four Seasons.
Interesting. What would be the verdict on a room that's asymmetrical by virtue of having a wall and window on the right, but being open on the left? Any way to correct for any ill effects?
Yes, I should have mentioned, this is just about getting the best stereo music listening experience I can, I don't care about home theater. So all I need is something to feed the B&Ws with some kind of digital input to get the 1s and 0s from the Sonos.
Greetings all - Like a few previous posters on this thread I stumbled across it in a search for info about the Nova. The posts here have been exceptionally helpful and Dave Solomon & co. are clearly a class act with an obvious love of their craft, exactly the kind of outfit I'd like to support. I'm re-doing my entire system to say good-bye to CDs and upgrading the thing all around - replaced my 15-year-old Cambridge Soundworks satellite system with a pair of B&W 684s,...
New Posts  All Forums: