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Still annoyed by the code, but the 3D presentation is just so good that I've decided to... "Let It Go!"
I'm a member of Disney Movie Rewards. Disney films contain a "Magic Code" for digital copies and points toward merchandise on their site. U.S. Releases contain codes for U.S site. U.K. releases contain a code for the U.K. site.
This is a very nice 3D disc. But, a region free movie with a region locked magic code? Boo! I want my points Mickey!
Netflix is a mess on Apple TV. Using the TiVo Roamio for Netflix these days as it supports DD+ and 24fps playback.
I received the error when trying to watch movies in the cloud. Reset of the remote app and restarting of Apple TV fixed the issue.
OTA with a Roamio basic and Mini in the bedroom. Love em. Plenty to watch and have used all four tuners for recording from time to time. Out of home streaming is fun. Need stand alone Stream with Roamio basic.
I wish they had included a standby button as well. Every so often, when powering up TV and AVR, there is a bit of a handshake issue with TiVo if it was not in standby mode when powering eveything else off. If I put it in standby before turning off the TV and AVR, there are no issues when turning things back on.
Sooo, anyhoo, I'm using a Roamio basic with an OTA antenna. All of the signals are local, lol.
Apple TV passes DD 5.1 and video up to 1080p 30/60. TiVo Premiere passes DD 5.1 and up to 720p/1080i with 1080p/24fps passthrough. TiVo Roamio passes DD+ and up to 1080p 30/60 as well as 1080p/24fps.
So, read all of the posts about Netflix on Apple TV. Hadn't used it in awhile and fired it up. Yikes, what happened?!!
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