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for a 1000 it should sleep with you too. I thought this was a sony thread.
cnet posted today its for sure 7.1 analog, looks interesting
anybody own the new e 6500 yet.
kovalchuck 2002 be sure to check newegg return policy before you buy. perrishill1
Owner and discuisson thread
DAVEMCCR, Panasonic 42D2 in stock at several web sites. Review avable on avs uk there its listed as pana sonic 42D25B.
dave, check out panny 42 D25 LED backlight or think about 42G25 reviewed on this web sight.
I think no netflix for G10 owners s---s and there talking about infinite again and no 1080p/24. I for one will not buy panasonic again.
everybody should look at cnet blog today about 2010 model vera cast netflix and not avable on 2009 models. I will never buy panasonic again
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