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Thanks for your reply.
I'm not a audiophile and don't know much about this and don't need a high end system. I have just ordered a new Pioneer receiver for my TV sound system. The speakers I have are about fifteen years old. I researched them fairly thoroughly back then and paid $200 for the pair. I'm wondering if they will do about as good as similar priced speakers made today or is there enough improvement in technology to make it worthwhile to buy new ones.
I'm sorry, I meant the middle column, not the middle row.Thanks, that's what I thought.I didn't follow that. The picture shows all the connections on the box except the one hidden by the plugs that I labeled (optical audio out) and the partially visible 1394 on the far right. What you see is all I get. And, I don't know what pooching means.
I have a Comcast DVR box I want to add an RF audio headset like this one ["www. amazon.com /Sennheiser-Rs110-926-Wireless-Headphones/dp/B0001FTVEA"] to. I have a picture of the back of the DVR box below. I called brain dead Comcast and was told by two people I cannot add a headset to their box. It looks like to me the top two RCA jacks in the middle row (the white and red ones) are ordinary analog audio out jacks that should work. But, when two different people...
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