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try soft reset (unplug for 30 minutes) first
Would buy NEW, if I could afford it; maybe, eventually...
Mine outputs up 7.1, both via HDMI & Optical. Must be a setting on the player &/or the soundtrack selection on the Blu-ray Disc itself.
True, dat. Welcome back, deang.
I did without for 22 years waiting to buy New.I say all that in case anyone else is reading... if you can't swing New, go USED early...Kinda like "I'm goin' Ugly early tonight."
On the other hand, they don't HAVE to perfectly match to be enjoyed, while you're working on it... Got 13.2, all Klipsch, but not ALL a perfect match in one system, working on a 17.4 system. Other system has 11.2, but only 7 are Klipsch, 2 Yamaha & 4 Onkyo. They'll do, for now...
Note to self; do NOT use Shark vac!!!
http://www.klipsch.com/pressreleases/cinema-surrounds-press-release Klipsch Launches New Cinema Surround Speakers at CinemaCon 2014 INDIANAPOLIS (March 24, 2014) — Klipsch, a leading global speaker and headphone manufacturer, today unveils five new professional cinema surround speakers at CinemaCon 2014 in Las Vegas. Including two 8-inch woofer models (KPT-8000-M and KPT-8060-H) and three 12-inch woofer designs (KPT-1200-M, KPT 1260-H and KPT-1200-VBM), these...
No shine boots now.
Clean rag is what I use; old t-shirts are perfect. Use you finger inside the double up rag to press the polish into the scratches. Ymmv.
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