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We just got a VT50 in Magnolia, and in THX mode, without any break in, the Elite is still the clear winner...as far as black level performance is concerned. The VT50 seems much more vibrant than the VT30, and more saturated than my Elite at home. Black level is relatively easy to test, but color accuracy and saturation can only be judged after a good calibration, and against a good reference. Dan
My Sharp Rep supports the 90" "dream" as well as a 4K set (non-Elite) around the same time mid-year.
Hi Dane, I work at a Magnolia Home Theater in Kansas, and own Bowers & Wilkins PM1s for my two channel system. Magnolia also carries/has access to Definitive Technology's soundbars. I think the B&W Panorama is nice, but would prefer the DefTech for a soundbar. The Pioneer is OK in my opinion, but the guys at MHT can order you an Oppo BDP-93 for a little more. I own a 95, and am very pleased with it. As far as HDMI cables go, I own all Audioquest cables (remember,...
I'd love to, but I'm in MO.Dan
...and let's not forget, it's not as thin as some of the other sets. Dan
The accomodation period ended.Dan
Richard, I work at a Magnolia Home Theater. We are entitled to an employee discount, and, until two days ago, had an accomodation through Sharp...which, combined, equate to my paying less than half of retail. I am assuming that, since Best Buy is so much larger than other Elite retailers, Best Buy got a large number of Elites from the initial shipment. Also, at least in my area, since we didn't sell a ton of them, none were ordered into our distribution center,...
I just wanted to share some info. My sharp rep brought one of the Sharp "trainers" in this past Saturday. The "trainer" informed me that this year the contract with Pioneer ends. He said he wasn't sure if the contract would be renewed, and said it would be better for Sharp if they didn't renew it, since Pioneer has benefited WAYYY more than Sharp has from the Elites. He also gave me a bit of insight into what we can expect in the future. First of all, he said that...
Hey Ken, I saw that you're going ahead and getting your Elite calibrated. Do you think it's a pretty safe bet that we won't see the cyan or pulsing fix? Or are you just tired of waiting...and since the cyan issue isn't much of an issue at all (in your opinion), you've decided to go ahead and calibrate? Thanks. Dan
Selling points are good and all, but something tells me that there are very few people in this forum who give a rat's #ss about a television's selling points. I mean no disrespect to you, Slappy.Dan
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