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So I just watched "The Lion King" with my daughter. I finally saw the pulsing (yes, in THX mode). It happened in a couple of scenes, and manifested itself as a fluctuating of the lighting in the scene (though it was obvious there should be no change in lighting), but for me it didn't ruin the film. I also saw the "dirty screen effect", but I think my panel is relatively good where DSE is concerned. There was also something else that I saw that was, in my opinion, more...
Thanks, Suzook. Glad to be a member.Dan
Yeah, but are you sure it can measure the color cyan correctly?;-PDan
That's OK. I'm after black level performance before color accuracy, and in the black level department, the VT30 is next in line (HX929 wasn't even my radar), and the Elite smokes it. I know...I just upgraded. Oh, and before the naysayers inevitably come crawlin' out of the woodwork, let me stop you right where you are. You won't talk me out of MY ELite. I paid the same price for it as you would for a VT30...AND I'm confident that we'll get the color fix.Dan
Thanks, obxdiver. I've been waiting a long time for this level of pq, and am very fortunate at 31 to own such an incredible display.Dan
So, I got my 60" Friday night. For those who don't know, I upgraded from a 55" VT30 (which was an upgrade from a Sony KD-36XS955 - remember those?), as it just didn't have the black levels I crave. I never owned a KURO, but I used to sell them, and got to spend a little time critically viewing it after we'd close. I spoiled myself, and have wanted a KURO ever since. No other display has ever been able to cut it...until now. This display is everything I saw that it was...
I stated in my post that my conclusion was drawn from research...aka reviews. I've never actually owned an Oppo player ( but I will have my first - BDP-95 - next month. It does make one wonder why Oppo would bother upscaling ANYTHING if it does have a significant improvement on the original image. I'll be able to test it next month for myself. Thanks for the input.Dan
Couldn't agree more. The only problem is that there will inevitably be a 3rd gen set that will fix whatever the 2nd gen doesn't. Ohhh...What's a videophile to do?Dan
It has never been proven that the yellow pixels ever turn off...even in THX Movie mode.Dan
Sorry, Pal. I think you are mistaken. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but any 1080p display has to either upscale or deinterlace non-1080p content in order to display it.Dan
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