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These are excellent points, Ken. I was really surpeised Katzmaier didn't talk about the dynamics of the Elite as compared to the KURO. One of my questions has been: What could the next Elite do that this one hasn't already done? Any deeper blacks would be negligible at best. The same thing goes for brighter whites. Once the color fix is finally out, color accuracy won't be an issue. Motion resolution is already the best or very close to the best we've seen while...
Ken, Thank you for your continued patience in this thread. Thanks for your objective opinions about the Elite vs. the KURO. I have been following this thread since the beginning, and know that you are not trying to "intimidate" KURO owners, but are simply responding to all of the KURO vs. Elite comments that have been forced upon this thread. I also understand that you don't have a horse in this race, having owned seemingly every premium flat panel display made...
There are some excellent points being made here. One other comment I'd like to address is the one faulting the Elite's price based on this economy. I don't believe for one second that these displays were designed with "the current state of the economy" anywhere near the top of the "to be considered" list when they were being designed. Sharp has enough fingers in enough other pies so they don't have to be worried about that. In fact, I would like for all of you to close...
Ken, It's not actually "in" the review. It's in a tiny window to the right side of the text on page 2 of the review.
Ken, it's true. They are expensive, but relatively cheaper than the KUROs per square inch, so...but yeah, you still pay for what you get. Katzmaier did post his settings: http://forums.cnet.com/7723-19410_10...ateThreadPopupLet us know what you think.
I'm a little blown away by the recurrence of this statement...c'mon, guys! Does no one remember how much a 60" Elite (PRO-141 or -151 cost when they came out?! They were $6500-$7000. I don't remember hearin' anyone b*tch about it then, and, considering the fact that in today's market LED-based LCDs typically cost significantly more than comparable plasma displays, I don't see why anyone is b*tchin' now. These sets cost less and are bigger. What gives?!
Ken, it'll be interesting to see how DK's user menu settings compare to your own findings.
With all of the excellent feedback in this thread, that review is just icing on the cake...and should be more than enough to convince any who are still waiting for the color fix to go ahead and pull the trigger. I will be ordering mine in the next couple of weeks.
David Katzmaier's review of the 60" is up on cnet.com, for those interested.
For those waiting to see what CES will summon to compete with this amazing display, HDGURU reports that OLED will finally make its mainstream debut next year via LG and Samsung. Not trying to hijack the thread, but this should be interesting.
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