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I will have to agree with you, even with the snide little poke at the end. Jolly good, Sir. Jolly good.
For anyone wondering what a purist is, THAT is a statement from a purist. Even if you can't see the degradation, it's still there. I' not pickin', cuz I'm the same way; but it does make one wonder "Why?". I have several thousand dollars worth of Audioquest analog and digital cables, and in all honesty I'll probably never hear ALL of the distortions they are NOT introducing to my A/V signal (and please don't try to debate me about whether or not high-end digital cables...
Something I've been meaning to report about our display models (in Magnolia): There is a superbowl blu-ray dsc that we demo. On this demo, there is obviously a ton of game footage. I haven't really noticed this on any other content, but there is a massive amount of blooming when viewed off-angle...like, the players resemble angels more than they do football players. Also, the colors wash out to a degree that is significantly worse than some of the other LCDs in the...
So...I understand breaking in plasma panels. Do LCD panels require break-in? If so, why?
Why not wait 'til the fix is out? The set looks great without calibration.
Ssabripo, Are those 802Ds?
If I may impose a question, I am wondering how all of you actually have time to keep up with all of this...not to mention the money required to be early adopters of all of the top-tier gear...not a criticism, I'm genuinely curious. It's all I can do to go to work, spend a little time with the fam, and just keep up with posts here on AVS; much less post on three different forums and actually have time to enjoy my gear...? Confused.
I'll test this out at my BB and post my findings.
I currently have a VT30. I can get a 60" Elite for not much more than I paid for the Panny...just deciding whether to wait or not. I probably shouldn't have mentioned the percentage off...that's probably why they want no price talk, as that discounted price isn't available to everyone.
So, I have a question for those holding out for the color fix: If you could get a 60" for roughly 60% off the street price, would you still wait?
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