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Thanks everyone. I sacrificed a bit of brightness and used the patterns from the Gamut Calibration Disc to get a substantially better Gamma curve. Here's the final report.  
I'll give the small APL windows a try and report back. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
I actually did try the "ganging" method of lowering the RGB gains together. All it did was drop the contrast and the total light output. Functionally, it seemed to be identical to lowering the contrast.
I will try that, but I'm already only getting about 29.5 Fl, with my current settings. I guess I will have to make a choice about gamma vs. overall image output.
I'm using the ChromaPure Windows test patterns for Gamma from the AVS Calibration disc.I am running everything through a Denon AVR-2310.Should I try calibrating the TV without the Denon?
Hello, I have recently calibrated my PN58B650, using an i1Display Pro and ChromaPure. The grayscale looks great, the color gamut chart looks great. The high-end gamma drops off pretty severely. I have tried dropping the RGB gain together, but this just seems to lower the overall contrast and total output. What can I do to fix the gamma on the high-end? Attached is the detailed report from ChromaPure. Settings: Picture Mode: Movie Picture Temp: Warm 2 Contrast:...
batpig, just to clarify, this isn't the typical wait for the TV and receiver to resync for a half-second to a second. it's not a temporary thing. once i switch to say, the 480i material, the denon remains in 480i mode even though if i go into the input->video options, the scaler is clearly active. i bought the denon because it has a better scaler than my TiVo and my TV. i want to use the denon's scaler. plus i also lose the volume overlay.
Is anyone aware of an issue where the unit will "forget" to upscale? My main viewing is on a HD Tivo that switches resolutions from 480i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. As the Tivo switches resolutions, the Denon seems to forget that it's supposed to be upconverting everything to 1080p. Switching from interlaced to progressive sources seems to exacerbate the problem. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Denon was unable to help me fix the unit, so this will be going back to the store for an exchange.
The front display panel seems to be working perfectly. I'm going to call Denon tomorrow morning, but if they can't resolve it's definitely getting exchanged. What a bummer since I had everything setup so nicely.
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