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Actually you need double the power for a 3 db increase or 10 times the power for a 10 db increase. Here's a cool web utility that calculates it for you. http://www.globalrph.com/master_speaker.htm Turns out the little class D amp and the BICs will get you to about 108 db at 1 meter.
When you are deciding if speakers can be driven by an amp you need to look at two specs, impedance and sensitivity. The sensitivity is how loud the speakers will play with one watt of power from the amp. Below are some of the specs from the BIC DV62siSensitivity 90 db @ 1 watt, 1 meterDrivers 6 1/2" poly/graphite woofer, custom-designed 3/4" poly soft dome tweeterMagnetic Shielding YesGold-Plated Terminals YesRecommended Power 10-175 watts per channelImpedance ...
If you can afford another $10 then check out the BIC DV62si which are better than any of those already mentioned.
Which model SVS sub did you compare and end up with?
Also depends on how the sub is hooked up. I have mine paralleled so in my case both the sub and the speakers could play some overlap frequencies.
Usually, when speakers are characterized by saying they "come alive when more power is applied", that usually means they sound like ass when played at a low or moderate levels. In other words, it's just a lame excuse. Reminds me of the "sure these speakers sound bad now but wait till you break them in" line of BS. Also, volume can be used to try to mask a bad sound. This is why when A/Bing speakers you have to make sure the levels are matched because a louder speaker...
IMO, BIC speakers are the best bang for the buck speakers on the planet. I was always a JBL enthusiast until I bought my BICs on a whim because they were so cheap. I'm still amazed at what you get for such little money.
Bigger box usually means better bass. More woofers means more low frequency air can be moved.
It's much harder to make micro speakers properly cover the ranges not covered by the sub such as the mid-bass. Often what you end up with is a thin sound with a pronounced bump on the bottom from the sub. I like the compromise of the bookshelf that has a decent size woofer coupled with the sub.
I listen to music with others and sometimes by myself for relaxation purposes. It's like a meditation regimen. I don't stare at the wall though. My listening loveseat faces towards three picture windows where I can look outside over my garden area. It's very peaceful. If listening at night I usually end up closing my eyes and drift off to the music.
New Posts  All Forums: