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Do you also have that proximity feature turned OFF in the options?
I think that turning off and on is a software update happening. What happens to me is different. I start hearing beeping coming from the family room. I go in there and it's the friggin TV with the proximity sensor thing but I have that turned off in the options. Am I the only one having this issue?
Must be a bug in the software. The proximity sensor warning goes off on this with nobody even in the room. I'd think I have a ghost in the house but I have the friggin proximity sensor turned off in the options. I guess the ghost is in the machine.
I'm able to view photos and videos off my computer in another room via the wifi router. It's a really cool feature.
Nobody is trolling. They are trying to help you. You need to understand specs don't indicate sound quality. Besides, most of the time sound quality is greatly affected by the room and the listeners ears/taste. I agreed 100% with the idea to buy all three and keep the best. That is the best method, even better than shopping brick and mortar.
I think BIC speakers are the bang for buck leaders. The BIC DV62si should be at the top of any budget speaker list at $110/pair. At that price, I'm still amazed at what you get as for as component and sound quality goes.
I agree. In this video she definitely is sounding very good and she does not look thin either.
Mine had hardly any bass and I believe it's because those panels have no excursion. How do you get bass without excursion?
I have to admit I originally went with bookshelfs to keep my speakers out of harms way because I had kids but now that is no longer a concern since they've grown. I really like the flexiblity the powered sub provides and I like the fact that the room is not dominated by large speakers. The sound is better than any floorstanding that I have ever owned so no complaints there. So consider me a bookshelf/sub convert.
The ironic part is their "Speaker Genius" speakers are 6 ohmers. Their speakers may be a tougher load than the B&Ws!
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