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No. The Polks sound better and are more efficient too.
Aren't cats fun?
"Steaming Pyle" comes to mind
Might as well. That's basically how I got started with them. On a whim, because they were so cheap I thought why not give them a try. I was amazed when I found they had clarity my existing Infinitys did not. I'm still using the BICs today and the infinitys are long gone. After hearing the clarity of the BICs I could not go back to the Infinitys. Till then I thought the Infinitys were fine.
Nope. It would be more expensive and would likely end up sounding worse. If you don't like the sound of your speakers buy new speakers and put your old ones on Craig's list. Another cost saving way to go is to purchase used speakers. Sometimes some good vintage speakers can be bought for cheap and you do the refurbishing if you want a project.There is no law that says you have to replace them all at once though that would be the preferred method. You could start by...
Thank you for posting this very informative comparison. Just reinforces my take that looks do not equate to sound. The metalic cone of the F12 has never impressed me. Things like that are usually only gimmics to suck in the gullible. Same with the copper looking drivers of the BIC Acoustec line. Give me the DV series any day since they don't try to fool people with looks. They only give the best performance/cost ratio.BTW, in your opinion, which sub sounds better?
I see. My mistake. Seems all messages since late March are the ones that are threaded. That threw me. I'm OK now.
A bunch of my in-basket PMs just disappeared. I noticed the PM functionality was flakey since the switch to the new forum but now it's gone to a new level of flakey
Those are the messages in the front page of your profile. That function seems to be deleted. Would have been nice to have access to those to copy them over to the in box.
It is slow. Slow at scrolling and even slow to respond to typing intermittently. That slow scrolling thing may be the end of it for me.
New Posts  All Forums: