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Does anybody have experience in the mods from OPPOMOD.COM? I found a very interesting test from a French website praysing the lineaer power mods and I was wondering if anybody tested these? http://www.cinehomedigital.com/2013/10/test-alimentation-lineaire-regulee-oppomod-platines-oppo-93103-95105.html
Does the P7 offer any other trim then speaker volume and distance (such as treble, bass, loudness, etc)
What is the advantage of using the P7 instead of feeding the A31 and A23 directly? Did you ever make an A/B comparison?
Can you say something on the difference between the Oppo 105 analog out and the Yamam CX5000 connected by HDMI with the Oppo? I M interested in movie sound only!
I am thinking of going from the 103D to the 105D and completely skipping any processor by hooking up the 105 to my amps (Parasound HCA's). Any advice on that? I have to say that I am 100% movies in a dedicated HT.
I wonder if any of the OPPO BDP103 owners ever compared the 7.1 analouge out against a BDP 105 analouge out for movie listening and what the result was. In the 105 owners thread most people think it would not make a difference. Oppo themselves stated that the 105 would be more dynamic. I am just wondering if it would make sense to go from the 103 to the 105 and sending my preamp (lexicon MV5) into retirement by connecting the 105 directly to my amps.
Is anybody using the 105 without a preamp directly to the amps with the 7.1 analouge out? I would be interested in the quality especially for film soundtracks?
I do have a dedicated home theatre room with room treatment which is only used for movie watching. I currently have an Oppo BDP103 connected via HDMI to a Lexicon MV5 followed by an old (but Solid) Parasound HCA 1206/1000 and Jamo THX ultra II D600 speakers. What are your thoughts on benefits from upgarding to a 105 and running the analouge into the Lexicon? Again just for movie watching only!
Europe or US? I would know a German dealer!
Wrote that already in another thread. I bought the ones from CurtPalme (Bitcauldron I think) and am very happy with them!
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