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I'd recommend Jays V-Jays. I use them for work so that I can hear my name when called. Here is a nice review of them: http://www.headfonia.com/ultra-porta...l-and-hd238/4/ and the official website - http://www.jays.se/products/headphones/v-jays.html they look like cheap pc headphones, but they sound excellent, plus the "cheapness" makes them light.
Thanks for the replies. The receiver has plenty of air space around it. Also the Chronos are rated between 4-8ohm. When I pick up the receiver I will ask the technician some questions, as I dont want to repeat this issue.
I decided to see how loud this baby could go on my Canton Chrono 509s, as I was moving up the dbs it died at about -10db. I was at -10db for about 1 second before it went into "AMP PROTECT - CHECK AMP" mode and switched itself off... After that it would switch off no matter what the volume was. It's now in repair and I wont see it for at least a week. It was only 1 month old. The Cantons must be much harder to drive as I did get the amp to maximum volume (I think...
Why do you care about the dac magic? If ure concerned about the money, why spend it on a dac magic? I cant see it adding any features that both the denon or h/k dont have. edit: i cant comment on the denon, but I could really hear a difference in sound quality going from an old sony 5.1 receiver (80WPC) to the HK3490. I wouldn't let a couple of weeks extra wait affect your future listening enjoyment. Not that I am saying the HK3490 will be better.
Thanks for your help. The manual downloads ok for me: http://www.canton.de/download/bedien...oferManual.htm Unfortunately it does not explain what those settings mean. I contacted Canton and the local distributor, hopefully they will answer.
Hello, I am seeking an explanation on a switch on the back of my subwoofer. Under the AMPLIFIER MODE section there is a switch that says AUTO HIGH and AUTO LOW... what does this mean? Here is an image of the back of the sub I am talking about: http://www.hometheater.com/images/ar...08canton.2.jpg Thanks.
bump! hello, i just joined the club with some chrono 509s in beautiful silver. they are powered by my harman/kardon hk3490 receiver. im looking forward to compliment them with the AS 525 SC sub. im still getting used to how amazingly they reproduce music. i thought i couldn't be surprised as i have been using some nice headphones over the last year (AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD650s) to me they sound bright/sharp and very vivid.
Shop was nice enough to let me swap the TV for another one... slightly quieter, but still buzzing. Guess Ill put up with it. But I wont be getting another Samsung product ever again. None of the Panasonics I put my head against made buzzing sounds... its a shame because I feel the picture quality and the TV appearance of the samsungs is nicer than the Panasonic. What dampens the noise is putting a blanket behind he wall and TV. Im gonna have to look into some art as I...
From Australia here. Just got a brand new 50" and the first thing I heard when I turned it on is the 'buzz'. It does not matter where I sit, the buzz is the same and it changes pitch when the scenes change, when there is a black pause, the buzz stops. I would kill for this TV to be silent. The buzz is similar to a fly/bug buzzing next to a window. Im going to ask my parents if they can hear this buzz, Ill also go to a couple of shops to see if different display units...
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