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Thanks again for the replies. I am really drawn to the convenience of a NAS - my main concern after some further research is that the low-end/home ones might not have enough processing power to transcode on the fly - is this other peoples experience? If you start to look at higher end NAS then you can actually build a core i3 box with unraid or Ubuntu server or amahi for lower cost! Thanks for the recommendation of Plex - lots of people seem to have good things to say...
Thanks a lot mlknez, I haven't seen the readynas ultra so I'll check it out. I've also heard that DLNA isn't so great for video as you say, but isn't this the only option though when communicating directly between a NAS and a "semi-smart" device like a TV? I guess if I wanted broader/better video compatibility I could buy a WDTV or something but I'd rather not have an extra box if I can help it. I do really appreciate the advice though - any more suggestions welcome!
Hi everyone, I'm slightly loathe to post another Which NAS question on here but I'll freely admit I'm a little overwhelmed by the information both here and elsewhere. I have quite a strict list of requirements so I'd be grateful if anyone who has a similar set-up could let me know what they are using. If I can't find a NAS that will do all this stuff then I'll probably build a Linux box but I'm attracted to the convenience of a NAS. In summary, I'm looking for: - 2...
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