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I am very glad to hear that
Luxcine C7 is available now on Amazon.com for usd 600? Why I choose this one where LGPA75U is almost that price? and has 700 lumens plus tons of features. whereas C7 has only 500 lumens and a NO name projector. But one thing bothers me, this PJ earned almost all a Possitive reviews from Amazon buyer. Does Amazon reviews are true & accurate?. Anyone tried & tested it with this China projector?
I've been searching LED projectors for a couple of years now, and I've found this.......Luxcine C7 mode,l available in Amazon.com, all buyers have positive reviews. May I know anyone in this forum own one and tested it? Product Description Features 1.Dual Core 1G CPU, 2 Mali400 GPU, 768M RAM, 2G iNAND+ 3D combing video processor ( can play even 1080P MKV movies fluently 2. 720P/ 1280*800 Native Resolution ( TI 0.45" DMD with DarkChip(tm) Technology 3.500 Lumens, 2000:1...
Don't rely on one or two people who said it works, do your homework, make a research as simple as that and PLEASE! Don't be too demanding.
Same here, I don't know why are people talking so much problem with their 3D movies. I started using PowerDVD12 since only last year and I really loved it, especially how the software up-convert the video image, and from 2Dto 3D image conversion.
I have a 92" 16:9 aspect ratio, matte white projector screen. Do you think that the PB60G is an ideal for that screen size? Thanks for the soon reply.
Good to hear that cakegetter, I've also tried almost all free software player, including the three with a prize tag. TMT5, Corel Windvd and Power dvd12 and had a side by side comparison for picture quality and for my eyes PowerDvd 12 is the winner for my projector.
Please try using an HTPC with special software for movies playback. Before I had the Pioneer upscaled dvd player for movies, but the picture was too dull , not sharp and not happy at all. After using an HTPC with bluray software, I was blown away with the result. The colors were great & more pop, great improvements on shapness, contrast & brightness. So therefore sometimes If the projector can't give you the end result as what you expected, there's a way for that matter.
Someone mentioned in the PA70G thread, that this model (PB60G) has also a focus problem.
New Posts  All Forums: