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I got Ubantu working on 4gb usb yesterday night, and now I will start working on to get the basic widget ...! First task would be to investigate how can I get all available yahoo widget on my Vizio...? second to develop one from scratch. Please please post you exprience if you are trying to develop or load any widget which are not part of VIZIO...!
has anyone created custom yahoo widgets ? if so please post the hands on for how to create and load one in 552.
On the TV box it shows FACEBOOk as a widgets, but couldn't find widgets for face book. Any idea was facebook removed or was never there to beging with ?
I got mine yesterday, was ordered from costco. Workes like a charm. The only problem I face was that delivery guy came 3 hrs late out after his 4 hrs delivery window.
Can any one please please pass on the link to VIZIO VIA APPS thread if it exist otherwise lets start thread on the same...!
That means costco is out of stock for 552. Always Vizio has launched new models on costco and not on any other store/site. In early days Costco team has mentored VIZIO to become this huge...! I ordered my 552 on monday from costco, order status shows shipped but no tracking infor available...!
yes, I ordered it Monday from costco.com $1899+tax = 1995 total (includes shipping and handling). When today I checked it was $1949, 50$ more.... I feel myself lucky..! My order status is still "waiting for fulfilment"..... anyone received 552 ordered from costco.com ?
Dulls VA Sams is selling returned 551 at around $1299 and some unopened returned are at $1399. Check post # 3691 he got 551 at $1177 including tax.
I paid around 500-600$ on 552, I was getting 551 around 1400$. I have updated firmware on TV in past, the process is horrible...! download some *xvp file and hook up with usb and if somthing goes wrong you are screwed up. I bought 552 only because it would get better and best by itself...becaz whenever Vizio will push the new firmware it will be loaded automatically in 552 .... it will pick up in coming day .. new widgets .. I saw the line up and I also downloaded...
New Posts  All Forums: