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ok, ok...the animated gif is pretty cool...
Except...the teachers on multi-month vacations are being forced into an unpaid leave each year with no check and only careful budgeting from prior months to get them through to the next school year.
Congrats! I mostly interested in hearing about the Lake DSP capabilities.btw...you need the cord to have a PowerCon adapter?
Shooooot...Wonderful World...one of my favorites. He had a great voice. Listened to it as a kid. You have a nice rendition going there...
Hehe, overnight, eh? I must have missed that part...my ears are a little less young nowadays...or just bass-deafened. Your order went in same day...as soon as your precious hits me from Meridian, Mississippi, I'll turn it around for you as promised. I'll even send you a pic...G-rated of course!.
Just to double-check, sir...Mark confirmed with you that down-firing is no problemo?
Holy bejeezus...those look slick, MTG! And with Tux's seal of approval....oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!
Thanks, MTG!!Between you and Tux...I can't be in better hands!!!!Very pumped for this to come together....woo-hoo!!!
Unless you are after something now, Mark at iST has proven he delivers a quality product with his hand-made UXL18 drivers...and that is part of the reason I organized a Group Buy for those as opposed to the Fi product. However, Fi product may be just as good and available now. To each their own....
New Posts  All Forums: