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So with my 43d490 that has cell light that can go to 20...I should put it at 10...and then calibrate ftl using Contrast? Also, someone mentioned you can switch tehe 450 to d550 to get cinema smooth, is this not available for the 490? Thanks in advance
Hey Raistlin, it's me Tasslehoff Burfoot
Just picked up a 43d490 tonight and checked out the Direct TV 3D channels and was actually blown away. I had both the C680 and the D550 last year but returned them because the 3D was underwhelming. Well, I couldn't be happier with this TV. It's perfect for my bedroom with lighting and distance. 2D to 3D is pretty good as well. I have now seen every "good" 3D Tv and this holds its own with any of them. Yeah, I know it's not 1080p but just for 3D effects and quality it is...
Just found a 46 inch refurbished at Best Buy for $1099. Sorry for the price quote but I don't own this set and was wondering if you all think this is worth taking the risk on? TIA
Blacks are garbage and glow like an LCD in a dark basement. Unacceptable and anyone telling you different is an apologist. At least as far as the 51d550 is concerned.
Has anyone had their tv's measured? Or can compare to another tv's black levels? Thanks
I have biased lighting and have used it in the past to help with the perception of blacks. Thing is, even with that...the blacks are no better than any of the other plasmas I have owned. I recently took back the 51D550 for poor blacks and brightness pops and today when I returned the c8000 to BB I looked at one and man it looked good. I wonder if I just got a bad tv.
So I recently got the 50c8000 for an absurdly low price (open box with 180 hours on it) and I find that the blacks are very disappointing. I have the latest firmware update and no matter what settings I use the black bars glow in my all dark basement. How can this tv be considered one of the top of 2010 if the blacks are so poor? Seems like the PQ besides that is pretty stellar. Am I expecting too much for a dark basement?
IMHO you made a good choice. I have the 40EX500 and think it is best bang for buck king. I calibrated using Eye One Lt, and HCFR and results are outstanding. Look through the EX500 thread for my settings. Great for dark viewing environment. Or try SerialMike's who I believe has the 60 inch (though they use different panels than smaller models). Enjoy!!
My basement is not conducive to a projector as I have low ceilings but if I ever do get the right space in the future I am sure I would need to look into that.
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