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Yes. It needs to be 1.4 cable not the standard 1.3
Brought this home last night. Set up was a breeze. It's a very pretty looking set. Out of box settings was in Standard mode and too garish for my dark basement. Stole some settings from c550 thread. I have zero buzz. Hooray!! The picture is extremely clean and crisp. Maybe best I have seen in that department. The blacks are unfortunately an absolute joke. Of all the tv's I have owned V10, B860, C550, PK550, G20, C680, EX500, XBR9, B460, S1 and the blacks on this set are...
"T-Shirt Time!!!!"
Wow it isn't taking long for fanboys to start making excuses. So is it already assumed that this TERRIBLE black level (yes, a black level worse than the S2 is terrible) is a stable "post rise" level? And that there are no floating blacks? So basically Panasonic's best efforts on this model for 2011...assuming the above...is to have blacks on par with last year's LGPK550 and worse than last year's Samsung C550? Sorry, there is no positive spin that can be put on that. These...
The blacks on this display do NOT blend in with the bezel and it is a mirror...look at how much glare there is. Was this supposed to be the next big thing?
Haven't you heard? One of the reasons people claim Panasonic is better than the others is their stellar customer service and Quality Assurance. So even though blacks rise and float and high end tv's end up being low end tv's they are still CNET's top televisions. And when you point these facts about rising blacks and floating blacks you will often get an excuse that they are still better than Sammies post rise, and even if they weren't...the customer service is better....
And now on to the Panasonic that apparently is not as good as the reviewers at the shootout thought it was.The scenario put forth is that the LG measured better and therefore is better but the audience picked the brighter Panasonic because......wait for it.......wait for it........ it looked better. Gasp. Silly "mullet headed, mouth breathers" picking a TV that looks better. Oh, wait.They're enthusiast members of this very forum. They should know better. Oops. OOPS!!!!...
Thanks for that. That is what I thought it'd be. Same as last year. It's okay for me though cuz I have dark room. I can see it being unwatchable with daylight.
who was off topic?
It's very noticeable without equipment. If you can't notice it than all the power to you but most people besides Panny fanboys expect their higher end plasmas to remain higher end. That is why they pay a premium. Otherwise why not just get the lower model? Ask a Panny owner if they can tell a difference between the blacks on a S2 and those of a VT25. That is the rise people are upset about. Because S2 has similar out of box blacks as you'll get from the VT25 post rise.
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