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I think you are right. I have 2 PB13s with the sledge and I run them hotter and the AVR "cooler", lower. It seems to help most at higher volumes. The signal is being distorted that much more at higher volume with the AVR trim set higher. I think for easy of use the AVR trim is easier for most. One can adjust on the fly, so to speak.
"Would a wireless option suffice? I'd really rather not mess with the zen of the room at the moment, I really like the setup, despite lack of subwoofer placement options. " I get ya. I was referring to a wireless option for the cable to tv situation on the 180 spin. As far as a wireless option for the sub signal, I would assume a wireless av transmitter receiver would suffice, but I have not tried this myself. These look...
Missed the line about the cable location. You have wireless and wired options. If you flip the room 180, you can run the coaxial under the carpet going under the couch to the side and on to the tv. Just a thought.
You will have to move the sub off the wall in the photo. There is no way a single sub in a location like that will sound good. I recommend just inside the corner to the right or left rear of your couch. 3 to 4 foot in would be nice. What would really be nice, is to rotate the room 180 degrees, putting your couch where the tv is now. that would make a world of difference in the sub, mains, surrounds. You would be able to spread out the mains like they should be. Your sound...
You say you lost "slam" with the PSB off? Which PSB do you have? The 500?
Move it to the other corner. It will definitely sound better there. And move the couch away from the wall . These are must do's.
Good luck. And the sweet spot is where the bass is, just so you know....
He has a good point. I am rambling here I guess. But I have and will rearranged everything for better sound. If it means I am closer then "ideal" to my screen then so be it. It is possible you are sitting in a dead zone. But I assumed you already tried to move the seating position. My bad. But definitely decouple thy sub from the horrid corner it now occupies, and after that, fire that sucker into the wall....
Also bringing the mains out from the wall, including the center, will enhance the sound field, alot. This will keep reflections to minimum. Ideally the sub would go behind everything. Love those fake walls
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