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I've been thinking about posting this on Panasonic's support site or HD Junkies. Would like to find out why it's doing this and if it's the firmware.
The main reason I wanted to setup DLNA was to stream my Google Play music, along with everything else, like TuneIn, Pandora, etc. A lot faster than turning on the PS3 too.
Yes, I have the latest firmware, 2.712 I think it is. I scrolled through my collection and the old GNR song 'My Michelle' instantly let me know something was missing. The entire guitar intro is barely audible. Sounds fine coming from the PS3 media server via HDMI.
I have a question about my sound setup for the ST60. I have an Onkyo TX-SR507, which is not ARC capable. I have a PS3 and my cable connected to the receiver, then back to TV via HDMI. I'll sometimes use the PS3 as a media server and stream tunes from my computer to the stereo. Everything sounds fine with cable and the PS3 sending audio. I wanted to setup DLNA to stream directly to TV. I have an optical audio connection from back of TV to the receiver. Everything seems to...
From my limited use of 3D thus far, seems like it's not saving some of my menu tweaks like 3D adjustment. I've also noticed on several occasions that I have to tweak ALL of the settings I've changed (like motion smoother) when I haven't messed with 3D for a period of time. Not exactly sure what's happening but it's damn annoying.
I do have one question. I bought a 50" from BB, returned it and got a 55" from ABT. With the 50", I was messing around with the 3D glasses and both of them wouldn't turn off and blinked for days before I returned the TV. When I received the 55", I registered the glasses properly, and everything worked fine. The glasses would shut off when the 3D content was no longer running. Yesterday, I showed my wife the 3D picture with motion smoothing enabled, and the pair I was...
I don't buy warranties for anything. Usually a waste of money. However, I bought a Samsung plasma in Feb '10, and started getting dead horizontal pixels (lines) about 2 years after purchase. Something in one of the main boards was defective, and all estimates I researched put the repair at about $600-800 dollars (I spent about $1200 for the TV). I sure could 've used one then, haha.
Yep, motion smoother [On] makes all the difference when watching 3D on this TV. Much better.
So true. I came from a Samsung plasma and it took me a few days to get used to the red light being off and meaning that the TV was not on. Every other component I own has a red light on display when off. The PS3, the Wii, the receiver, etc.
Anyone have any suggestions for optimal 3D settings? Some seem to be saying that turning on motion smoothing helps with crosstalk? IS 96 Hz really the best setting? Panel brightness.....low, med, or high? I keep it low for normal viewing, but high seems to help with brightness while watching 3D content. Any other tips?
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