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Sure i can set it up now. I havent been on in a while. Ive noticed problems with my set. Im getting distortions, pixelation type areas on the screen. At first i thought it was my cable comapny not supplying a good signal, but i have gone through 2 cable boxes and knology was out here today to put a power meter on the line. Im getting the right ammount of dB, and its happening with both cable boxes so I think its a setting in the TV. I asked for tomorrow off and it...
I did a search for the mog music app but it diddnt turn up anything. They just recently changed the "app store" so it could very well be hidden in there somewhere.
this is the 55in I bought what was going to be the stores display tv at best buy. Out of the box the contrast was all the way up to 20. I thought it was so bright. When I did a factory restore, it brought it down to 11. With the brightness all the way up, you could see clouding and uneven colors.
OK so i got it to download the update (i think) and i put the tests up so here they are. Im not sure how the 2nd box appeared.
yea, at least i think mine does. Thats why i was hoping to get this update and download the grayscal and test it out.
ha. I think out of frustration I found a service tool. I was holding down the return button (maybe the exit button i wasnt paying much attention) for about 15 seconds or so. A box popped up saying it was going to run an internal diagnosis. Check basic connection and signal levels and several other things. It did its thing but diddnt turn up any info of use.
i see there was a firmware update today for the es8000. Ive tried getting it through the internet and USB and cant get it to work. I get a timeout error when i try to get it through the internet. When i installed it to a thumb drive and unzipped it, it doesnt even see it. Is there a special port i should be using? I have firmware 1008 right now, I downloaded 1012 just now. Right now Im not happy with this TV. The B8500 from a couple years ago is still better...
Ca someone with the es8000 put their settings up. I bought the store display, complete with the stickers saying "new arrival" and "new model". The brightness was all the way up. I don't think that's usually how they come out of the box. I've been messing with it but can't hit the sweet spot.
yea, im going to set up the UN46B8500 i have next to the UN55ES8000 i have and take pics. Ill get the same movie going on both sets and make direct comparisons. I was just told there is a software update for the TV and itll download while in standby. I looked for the panel version but couldnt find it. Current Software version: 001008
The camera is able to move, but only up and down. It isnt a rolling ball, but it is like a rolling bar so I have no idea how to move side to side.
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