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Looks good Noah. They look tidy, especially on the plexi. I have 3 of these to build if I can ever find some time
I forgot how loud the fans are on the clone. What's the consensus on swapping them out? Does this mod relate to failure of the amp or no?
I can't feel any air at all. I can feel energy, ie clothes shaking, nose itch, floor vibrates. There is not much air that you can feel that comes out anyways with the huge horn mouth.
That was before the drywall was installed. It's much better now. You can still hear them down the street if we have a window open though.
Thanks Joe! I hooked the fp14000 clone up to the G-horns tonight for the first time after all of the walls are in and finished... holy smokes. I have almost forgotten how powerful they are. I knew that it was a mistake hooking them up and listening to them for a month before tearing the room up because most of the intensity would be lost when I moved them in to the ceiling. I have had an EP2500 bridged to each with a Reckhorn B-2 for HPF and the subs sounded good, but...
Not yet. I have another month of finishing up trim and paint before I can move the electronics in to the rack. I have them and the 6 v8s running on the old Nak preamp and a couple of ep4000s until then. Put the final coat of poly on the wood in the av rack, the blue around the rack is the color of the front wall:
They look great - good idea on the tv mounts too
Ok, here are afew pics for ya Before: During:
I'm slacking John! I have a few weeks of work finishing up the media room before I can get in to building these. I know I could crank them out in a day, but every day counts when I'm on a timeline to finish the room by May 19. Getting close though A/v closet before stain:
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