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I am getting bored, the last episode was terrible, did they let all the writers go?
Today Only April 15th 2014Amazon Alsohttp://www.amazon.com/Ceton-InfiniTV-ETH-6-channel-CableCARD/dp/B00CBXEKZ0/http://www.amazon.com/Ceton-InfiniTV-PCIe-6-channel-CableCARD/dp/B00D97B9BU/
Constant Audio Issues on The CW - KASW via Cox during Primetime. Is anyone else hearing constant Up/Down Audio levels on The CW? I am trying to figure out if this is a Cox Issue or The CW broadcast. Problems are very evident during the first few minutes of the program, and has been going on for months.
Yes - The TiVo "My Shows" Menu is the same thing as the DVR List or My Recorded Programs List Menu.
TiVo offers both a Text and a Program Thumbnail, Best of both.
Same Here
RE: Channel 1145 - GSN HD Is anyone now receiving GSNHD on 1145? It is now listed here: http://ww2.cox.com/residential/tv/channel-lineup.cox But not here: http://ww2.cox.com/myconnection/watch/entertainment/tv-listings.cox It has been in the TiVo Guide data for a few months, but is not listed in my non-Contour 4240HDC
New & Moved Cox HD Channels - 03/20/14 1038 - HLNHD - Headline News Network HD 1067 - FXXHD - (Moved from 1339 - Out of Sports & Info Pak) 1068 - FBNHD - (Moved from 1346 - Out of Sports & Info Pak) 1074 - TVGNHD - TV Guide Network HD - Contour HD Channel MPEG4/H.264 1098 - QVCHD - 1100 - OWNHD - 1144 - NGWIHD - Nat Geo Wild HD 1145 - GSNHD - Not Live Now 1381 - OUTSIDE - Contour HD Channel MPEG4/H.264 1383 - SPMNHD - Contour HD Channel MPEG4/H.264 1384 - USHD -...
I really enjoyed the "Rewind, Rewind" episode The next episode is "Too Far, Fast Forward" - Sally tries to right her wrongs and free herself from the past she's stuck in, but the only way she can figure on doing that is by magically transporting herself to the present and seeking the aid of an old foe. Sneak Peek - http://www.hulu.com/watch/603478 Also, some good Behind the Scenes videos - http://www.syfy.com/videos/Being%20Human/Inside%20Being%20Human
It depends, sometimes I see changes days in advance, other times I have to submit the changes, which are usually updated within a day or two. Tribune Media (Zap2it.com) provides the TiVo Guide data. Check Tribune Media to see if they have the changes already, if they do just force a Network connection http://tvlistings.zap2it.com/tvlistings/ZCGrid.do?aid=zap2it If they do not have the updated line-up Submit a request and list a few of the changes and ask they contact...
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