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Some SD cable channels are starting to broadcast in SD 16x9 @ 480i one such channel that I receive is BYUTV SDIt's called Active Format Description:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Format_Description
I agree it make no sense, since these 4 HDs are all MPEG4/(H.264) and above 900MHz. and could even by moved to SDV if needed, looks to be nationwideGone are the following:http://ww2.cox.com/residential/hamptonroads/support/tv/article.cox?articleId=241f0100-e8c1-11e2-5f64-000000000000http://ww2.cox.com/residential/arizona/support/tv/article.cox?articleId=241f0100-e8c1-11e2-5f64-000000000000Starz Cinema (HD?) - DroppingTMC Xtra HD - DroppingMoreMAX HD Alt Coast Feed -...
Which Movie channels were removed in VA?
Heads Up AMC's Hell on Wheels and Low Winter Sun Season Finales Time Change I see Cox AZ has changed 1043 - AMCHD (East Coast feed) to AMCPHD (Pacific feed) Neither Tribune Media or TVGuide has reflected the change yet. So Tivo and Windows Media Center do not have the correct listings. Please submit a Line-up correction with Zap2it.com (Tribune Media) and...
After all this discussion, I tried out the 30 sec skip "Select-Play-Select-3-0-Select" I can now say I like it much better than 30 sec scan or using FFW.
You can recover 30-sec skip by hitting - "Select-Play-Select-3-0-Select on your remote while playing back a recording Not sure if this survives a reboot though, I prefer the 30 sec Scan.
Here You Go: https://www3.tivo.com/assets/exe/tivotogo/TiVoDesktop.exeYou may need the patch also, I don't have that link, but could easily email it to you it is 307KBOr you can just modify the curl.conf file [C:\Users\ *User-Name* \AppData\Local\TiVo Desktop] using the following:Code:user-agent = TivoDownloader/0.1speed-time = 30verbosecookie = "sid=abc"KMTTG is a much better program, with many more options than TiVo Desktop.http://sourceforge.net/projects/kmttg/You...
A Factory Premiere XL 1TB is Model # TCD748000 (2 Tuner 1TB OEM HDD)
The only one that works is the WD My Book AV DVR Expander 1 TB eSATA External Hard Drive http://www.amazon.com/Book-Expander-eSATA-External-Drive/dp/B003MVZ60S/ https://www.tivo.com/shop/detail/dvr-expander If you want to retain your Recordings, Season Passes, Thumb Ratings and CableCARD pairing. The External DVR Expander or Upgrading yourself using jmfs Live is the only way to retain everything. The following Upgrade you will lose your Recordings, Season Passes, Thumb...
It should just happen automatically, over a year ago Cox needed to add a special code to the account for TiVos, but that has changed.
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