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I would love to hear anything half this badass! Please tell me where!
I don't know. I use Spears and Munsil.
Hi all, My coworker just moved into his new-construction town-home. The living room is prewired for in-ceiling speakers. What are some good recommendations?
+1 for Aperion http://www.aperionaudio.com/ +1 for SVS http://www.svsound.com/
This probably isn't the correct forum, but can't seem to find anything else closer... I am looking to get a SLR camera in the $1500 price range. Any thoughts between the Nikon D7100 and Canon EOS something??? Or point me in the right direction
My internet from Cox clocks in at 30 down, 20 up on http://speedtest.net/. I don't think internet connection is the problem...
Streaming may be convenient, but I hate it. I have NEVER watched or listened to anything streamed without a hiccup, pause or other ********. I don't want to watch a loading screen... If physical media goes, so does my home theater.
This corner placement suggestion...
Working with what i have... The center will have to go above the TV there, R&L can go on either side, and sub will go on the side with the corner. It's the surrounds I am having the most issue. I need symmetry and a corner placement is illogical. Not to mention WAF ugh...
Yeah, but that is the main reason the TV is going over the FP, WAF. My current house, the FP is behind the TV viewing area and my wife hates it. I have to deal with this set up. Here is a pic of my current set up.
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