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jeebus H. cripes!!! Here ye here ye! Let the records state, it has been every bit of 11 months since my last visit to this site, let alone this thread and I didnt see one single update pic!!! (about the hanes project anyway) Good to know somethings never change. Unlike Quarterbacks in the NFL. So long Peyton, we're gonna miss you.
Soooo... I decided to watch Gung Ho, via Netflix streaming, last night and let me tell you. I remember this movie from the 90's and it WAS a really funny movie. Laughing about what the japanese companies wanted to try and do to our american economy and work ethics, it was hilarious back then. yeah, not so funny anymore. I couldnt even make it through the whole movie. It was just sad to see that we made fun of where we were headed. I can see that movie being...
very nice stools. not to be too forward but where are they from and how much were they. Oh... and what is the height of them. Does it feel like a good height compared to your bar top? thanks, Beach
Dan, that looks great. I wish my first attempt had turned out as well as yours. The only thing stopping me from ripping it all down and restarting is money and, well, the fact that I spent so much damn time on it!!! oh well. Keep up the great work!!! Beach
Since none of this page has anything to do with HT, I will take this opportunity and say GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!! And yes, I am aware they lost, but I dont care, 9 striaght seasons of 10 wins and playoff bound!!!!! Thank you very much.
Of all the movies in the world to watch, we watched Flash Gordon, what and epic train wreck of a movie. Its such a hokey movie but still enjoyable. Plus I am a superhero dork as well. I know, Flash Gordon was anything but SUPER, but still. I liked it
You had me at Daytona 500. Nice job so far. I've had that arguement too. Sorry you tore your bar down. Looks like progress is still headed forward though, Keep up the good work. (and pictures) Beach
I am not really sure why but I cant look away, isnt that what they say about train wrecks (so slow and horrendous but yet so spestacular at the same time!) Just kidding Brian, this thread is just what I needed to get back my modivation to do something, anything to my bar that is productive, not just drink in it! Keep up the good work and remember, dont always listen to those voices in your head. Beach
I like the set up. Not a huge HT guy, but I am comoing around to it. (I really just dont have the money or the space right now) I am however a really big bar guy, I am very interested to see how you plan on finishing the bar area. Will it be a wet bar or dry? And are you planning on having a kegerator or not? Cant wait to see it! Keep of the great progress!
When I tried it, she loved that I stayed in the bar! but she will usually ask nicely not to over do it before she goes to sleep. (I think its just cause the bed is colder without me in it) good luck on the lights Steve, I am looking into a drop cealing behind the bar and some can lights. Cant wait to see all the ways that dont work! J/K
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