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It goes perfectly, everything works, thank you very much Tulli, you are a god
Quote: Originally Posted by Tulli Those are 128-byte captures. Please keep in mind that the full 256-byte EDID cannot be captured on a 5xxx card. What exactly are your issues with the mod you applied? I do not obtain bitstreaming, and only me the option of screen appears to 1080@30hz, I have obtained the full 256-byte EDID, use TMT 3.0.170 beta, PowerDVD 9.0.2528 and MPC-HC (NOTE:REPRODUCTION FROM HARD DISC) Win 7 64bit Sapphire 5770 1GB...
Hello Tulli, I have tried the mod SONY LCD + DENON AVR and it he has not served, I you upload the inf as you said to me, Thank you  
Thank you very much, I will test and I'll tell you
Hello, I'm from Spain,I have seen the work you do and is incredible, I have a sony lcd 40W2000 and sony STR-DG820 amp, catalyst detects it as SONY AVAMP, I would be grateful if you helped me, THANK YOU
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