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My guess is that he is working on some sort of infra-sonic propulsion system now that NASA is taking a break.
I also enjoyed the creator Brendon Small's solo album "Galakticon" released a few years back; it is a labeled an extreme space rock opera inspired by a non-existent comic book. It reminds me of a mash-up of Flash Gordon era Queen, Screaming For Vengence Judas Priest with some Dave Mustaine and Chris Cornell thrown in for good measure.
Metalocalypse did a full length metal opera a few months back, it is totally over the top but great, especially "the duel" sequence towards the middle: Here is the full "opera" lots of great parts in it. They commissioned a full 50 piece orchestra for it.
Funny story, when I got my first HDTV years ago, I though HDMI was just another cable choice, so I used the regular tv cable to my tv. Took me a month to figure out why my TV did not look that much better than my old tv....live and learn.
I have been very curious about these speakers. They are modified Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers, they may work well for your needs: http://philharmonicaudio.com/folio-me/html/Phil%20Pages/AALS.html Edit: whoops, I see they were already mentioned.
Nice to see you posting here.....TTT for this post as he already got an earfull from me about the benefits of DIY.
The awesome thing about these speakers is the fact that they are so sensitive. They require only a fraction of the power to get very loud. My father has a Denon 3310 and is powering 5 SHO-10 speakers with it. The SHO speakers have about the same sensitivity as the SEOS speakers and they can get super loud and stay undistorted on just the reciever power. Since the Demon has pre-outs, you could get an amp later if you still desired one. Contacting Erich is a good idea. Also...
I am going to copy another post I made to save time since it speaks to the same concerns: Diysoundgroup is a non-profit run by a guy in his spare time and helped by designers in the DIY community. He sells everything at cost (actually cheaper since he buys in bulk). I have no affiliation with them. I think he puts some new products on there before they are ready to sell and the $1.00 price is a default setting I would guess. You are correct that his site can appear to be...
As far as the speakers for HT purposes, walk into your local best buy magnolia theater area, look at any speaker there regardless of price, and these will kill all of them. Those speakers are not designed to excel in HT use where high sensitivity, high dynamics are so important. Here is a great build thread with these speakers with lots of pictures and impressions, notice the great DIY subs also from diysound as...
You could consider a spandex screen for cheap, and then go to www.diysoundgroup.com and go to waveguide speaker section. If you assemble some of their tempest speakers or pure speakers you will never need to upgrade them. Also some DIY subs will bury almost all commercial offerings at a fraction of the cost, and upgrading will just mean adding more subs.
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