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The reviews are jokes but the cable is on Best Buy's website
Check out this ridiculousness http://www.bestbuy.com/site/AudioQue...&skuId=1267764
I mean no offense by this but 300 bucks for an HDMI cable is horrible. I used to do that many years ago before I was in the know. I used to buy monster cable etc... You are right the gauge of speaker wire is more important than anything else. 12 gauge is going to be more than enough for just about anything. 14 gauge is fine 99% of the time. Even 16 gauge probably isn't bad for most applications. I would go with 14 or 12 from monoprice and not look back. While...
I am considering upgrading my vp150 center channel. I am running m80 towers with Qs8 surrounds. I LOVE every speaker in my setup other than the 150. Its a decent center but it sounds a bit hollow in my current room and it feels like its struggling ever so slightly to keep up with my mains. I really want to hear from some people who have had 1st hand experience with the VP180. Any issues from the tweeters being set so far apart? Thanks
So I'm guessing its safe to say that a Exodus Audio Maelstrom 18" or 21" would pretty much blow away anything by SVS HSU or the other highly sought after internet brands if properly fed enough power in a well designed box?
Not dedicated. This would be my living room which opens up to a hall way, a kitchen, and a family room. Dimensions of the living room itself are aprox 18'6"X14' with an 8ft high ceiling.
Wow great responses thanks. I had never heard of Exodus before but the idea of 4 18" or 21" subs for less than the price of the 13W7's sounds like a much better way to go. I'm really just feeling this out for now. My next upgrade is going to be the Emotiva XPA-5 five channel amp. After that I'm going to attempt a DIY sub. Probably start out with a single sub unit in my man room. If that goes well than the next thing I would do is build a multiple sub setup for my...
So I recently bought a house and I'm in the process now of setting up all my gear running wires etc.. For a while now I have been wanting to try a DYI sub. If I'm going to do this I want to do it right and when it comes to bass I like it to be a bit over the top. I really want a 4 subwoofer setup all in one huge ported box. How do you think 4 JL Audio 13W7 subs would work for home theater? I have no doubt they would be extremely loud but how low would they go? I...
the paradigm is V.3 if that makes a differernce
Which would you rather have if the price was the same?
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