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Been back reading this thread and I may have missed some info here and there, so I apologize for that. My installer, who is a professional, just informed me that my Jamestown 120" screen is on the wall, but is slightly bowed when the frame was tightened. I am currently traveling for business so I have no idea if it looks somewhat severe or if it is slight and acceptable. He said if I thought it to be unacceptable, let them know and they are going to try and make a few...
Wow...talk about confusion so I will apologize in advance as it seems like a repetitive theme in this forum. Anyway, some background info and a few questions. Recently new purchased home and the builder finished the basement. All the speaker wiring was put in wall during the finish. Since I was originally not going to go projection, I did not have them run anything additional or put an outlet in the ceiling ( dropped the ball on that one ) And of course...now I am...
If you are so inclined, I believe you can still get a refurbed 8350 straight from Epson. Not a big fan of refurbed electronics or even pre owned for that matter, but with some warranties in tact and Epson has always been good about being pretty liberal with their warranties, I pulled the trigger on an 8350 refurbed. Just got it today, and it is staying it the box for a little while, so if I see someone come in with a great price, I will simply return it and go with the...
I tel you what what this thread saves my a$$ at every turn between Mississippi and Schantz...thanks gents. Dustin
Okay, I have my components in order except for the last one...the screen. I do have a little more money than time. So I need a decent screen, not top of the line, but something decent. I am throwing somewhere around 13 ft. Jamestown screens look good, does anyone have suggestions or can point me in a direction? Thanks in advance! Dustin:cool:
Great stuff Tesla. Appreciate the feedback and advice.Yea, on the #4, I have friends that have done setups in the past and things like that, but you always get reluctant when it comes to friends doing some of this.Really appreciate the advice, now to start gathering the components.Thanks,Dustin
I know this gets asked about 3 times a week, but as a complete amateur just need some help. Just bought a home and have a big 18 x 18 room in the basement which will be a semi dedicated theatre room ( bar in the corner which extends beyond the room, you have to have a bar right!). Throw distance is an estimated 13 ft, give or take, low ceiling about 8 ft. I have my heart set on a nice 8350 with some sound. I am looking to go ceiling mount on this as I had my wiring put...
Freaking beautiful Randy, going to order my adult potty chair now!
Tv looks completely sick! Did break in slides using media player for 102 hours. Collabrated to D-Nice's recommended settings right to a T (thanks buddy). Also want to thank Korvas for the PM on getting me into the service menu and other things. I finally have a accomplished a life long goal...I now only have to leave my room to go to the bathroom! Big ups to this forum and the experts that drop knowledge on the amateurs like me.
Yep, that worked just fine guys. I actually am running slides off my Flash Drive and not SD card, but when I hit Menu in photo mode the options came up just fine. Thanks!
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