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I used oak veneer strips that are ironed on and then a new blade in my utility knife to cut them flush. Once they are stained you can't tell it's plywood, that veneer works really well with a hot iron (shhh....don't tell the wife I used her clothes iron....lol)
hokie - They are 3/4" thick plywood for the main part of the columns. The top and bottoms are doubled up so they are 1.5" thick. The moldings are another 3-5" at the top and bottom.I wanted something to break up the walls and give the look of columns, but not stick out too far from the wall.Feel free to steal the idea!!!
So I've added a few items to theater since my last post earlier this year. I made some columns out of plywood and stained and hung them in the theater. See pics: 3/4" Oak Plywood built up: Oak beadboard for the bottom: Oak trim stacked to build up the top and bottom: Finished Columns: Pictures of the stained and installed columns and the room: And I put together a Home Theater PC running XBMC and Ubuntu 12.10 (Linux):
Spectacular looking Steve. Love the color choices and the chairs. Hope the wife is doing well.
Come on Steve I know you've opened those seat boxes I gotta see some pictures!
Steve I hope all is ok with your wife! Let me know if you get to the point of hooking up that motion sensor and need any help I'll stop over and give ya a hand.
I'm thinking it will only work with 120v feeding it. The 12v power supply would have to be powered off this switch and then the led strips powered off the 12v PS.
Steve I'm thinking it's a switch like a normal wall switch so you should be able to turn on/off the 12v power supply through this. Not sure what space you have for mounting it would probably be best to use a 1 or 2 gang junction to stuff the little white box into as well as the wire nut connections to 120v. I would think you could easily splice and extend the round eyeball to any length you need and remote mount that in the preferred location (hook it up first with 20' of...
Steve, check this out made by Velleman and sold through Smarthome.com: http://www.smarthome.com/76513/Velle...uilt-In/p.aspx
Steve, the motion sensor switch that I show below is meant to turn on/off lights when you walk into a room or closet, but it might work for your scenario. You would have to have a 1 gang j-box mounted under the lip of your riser in the vertical portion, at foot level pointing out from the riser, but I don't know if you are able to wire this or if it's too late in your build progress. Just an idea though.
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