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It seems you like the mids and highs of the 212. But the mid bass of the Danley. Hmm. Ok. Mid bass is heavily influenced by room and eq. So then what you want is a the 212 with the proper eq. Unless there is more to your mid bass preference that you're not aware of. For instance, perhaps the attack AND the pulse of a kick drum sounded really good in the danleys. In that's case, it's not just the mid bass. It's the mids and upper bass combined with the mid and low...
A router table will change your life. I went without for a long time until I scored one on Craigslist. After it was like, why did I wait!
Will the kappa lite and 8BF51 do 80hz sealed? I like the discovery and SB suggestions. There's a couple nice discovery options available. I agree though if you can squeeze the TD10 in there, that's a nice driver.
I'll be in MN sometime this summer, but don't know when yet. I hope it lines up with this. I'll be visiting family in Monticello / Big Lake area.
There was some discussion of this in the curved SEOS thread. For additional info. Love the shape.
I'd agree with MM there. I've had both in my hands and lit up by my PJ. Hands down the milleskin is a nicer spandex.
I agree it would provide a lower corner and probably some gain. But that big horn looks like there are a lot of diffraction places. I really don't know, first photo I've seen. Could just look wrong. But considering the first noesis used such nice horns, I wonder...
Are the new JTR 10 and 15 horns just a straight section with a chamfer? That seems like a downgrade from the 18sounds horns used in the 212 and 228.
Four identical grills were made. So each woofer has its own grill. And all look the same. I'll take a photo of that once they're all installed. After final finishing. I know what you mean about other projects. I've been doing lots of other home renovations at the same time. But I just kind of told my wife, I have to build a pair of speakers for a while. Everything is on hold. She was ok with that. I've been working hard on the house for a year now.
New Posts  All Forums: