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Not so sure about that on the 2014 models which some will have more powerful hardware to run processing, but who knows until someone reviews them. I have a samsung a650 and play games in theate mode with own settings and do not notice any input lag. PQ is horrible using game mode on every tv or monitor I have used.
In my area i can not get an s60 especially not an s64. But you would be foolish if you have the option to get the s60 or s64 compared to the LCD. Irrefutable fact I have a samsung pn50a650 circa 2008 and play all types of 360 games on it for hours on end and have never got close to burning anything into the screen. You would have to do something stupid to burn an image into a modern day plasma, like pause the game and leave it for hours and hours even then the gaming...
I'm wondering if non-native gaming sources will look better or worse with 4k tv's since usually a picture does not look as good when its displayed on a screen that is not the same resolution as the game. Now I know xbox 360 games looked good on my samsung plasma at 1080p but the 360 had its own upscaler to help, but 1080 to 4k is questionable bc we dont know if x1/ps4 will have an upscaler and even more its a huge jump with more pixels to fill in. Vizio's P series is...
Looks like the top of the line tv's will be awesome but what if any enhancements have been made for mid level
This isnt something like the dynamic contrast setting on samsungs is it? I thought you did not want more processing in video. I thought I read somewhere else that the content has to be filmed in hdr
Auto calibration sounds great if they sale a sensor that can be accurate to go along with it at a lower price.
With the panasonic S60's out of stock I am hoping Samsung will decrease their input lag on their plasma tv's for next year.
Curious if Samsung will improve their picture quality with plasmas or are all of the manufacturers putting plasma aside to concentrate on 4k oled. Also interested in the Dolby HDR tech and ultra D. I want to know where tv tech is headed, so many different technologies i am scared to buy a tv any time soon.
not trolling seems like you guys are. I checked the date of the last person who posted on this topic and it was in 2012 so i replied. I did not say my system was good, and i also mentioned that 400 dollar all in one systems some of them sound pretty good. I dont see a reason to attack me I came here in the first place for supernes surround sound discussion so why are u guys here if its old
Well even if you cant afford it and u r an enthusiast u should know that 400 dollar system is not kick ass. Im not putting anyone down but thats just the way it is. I have 500 dollar amp and 1200 dollar surround speakers and i dont consider mine a kick ass system, and its definitely not. I have heard some 400 dollar packaged HT in a box that sounds pretty good to me, my friend has sony 8in. sub that is powered off the main amp and it puts out more bass than my 10in. JBL...
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