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Sonys, according to their website, can pass whatever audio is sent through clear QAM to the AVR
Man I saw the Panny VT next to the Sammy 7000 yesterday and I dont see how anyone could buy the sammy over the Panny. The Sammy looked like crap and the VT Panny blew it away in 3D. Couple that with the problems with sammys customer service and I can come to the conclusion price does not always equal satisfaction
As you have more knowledge of the situation than I do I will respect your point of view.
KH I have respect for you so I will respect your viewpoint and I think we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.
KH buddy, he led you on, he even went so far as to send you a pre paid shipping label correct? Which when you sent it in was returned to you as "undeliverable" correct? If you think he had no idea what was happening, as the crap thats built up over the years is being sold as B stock, you my friend are the naive one. Come on man face reality he knew what was happening and choose to go along with it. He choose going along with it over his morals (if he ever had any).
Yes there should be a S/PDIF out on the back of the TV and it should pass through the Dolby Digital. I would imagine it would be a simple RCA cable connection. Just connect an RCA cable from the out of the TV to an RCA input on the AVR thats labeled Cable/Sat or something like that. Make sure the input of the AVR is set to that and he should be good to go
Grittiness, thats what I want. Much better word than I used (dreary.) I totally agree with your second paragraph. Sweet simple maps, weapon spawns, grenade spawns, everyone on a level playing field. I just hate that its not coming out til late 2011
You can go to the plasma sub section and find the link to DL the color break in slides and run them for 100 hours and then use D-nices settings to calibrate the TV or just crank down the contrast and brightness below 50, watch full screen (avoid 4:3) and watch TV normally like you do and after a couple of hundred hours either have it professionally ISF calibrated or get AVIA, DVE disc and do it that way
Oh we can dream cant we? They definitely need to go back to what made RFoM great, especially MP. While Co-op is great in R2 competitive sucked IMO. I actually liked the beta and still have R2. Only thing I never finished was the online 10,000 kill trophy in competitive. Still up in the air whether or not R3 will be a release day buy for me. Most likely it will be. I played co-op last night for a few hours and had some mindless fun. And they need to get that chick back...
Seriously KH? He was the only employee besides Marks wife and daughter. You think he had no clue when the fire sales were going on for all the crap they found in the warehouse? You dont think he knew when he was telling people with bad amps to send them back to be fixed? Especially since before that they would just send out replacements no questions asked. Come on man Kyle knew what was going on and misled people that thought they were going to get a warranty repair. No...
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