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Of course the specs mean something. But just because those specs may vary from amp to amp doesn't mean that each amp is audibly different.As for professional reviewers, do yourself a favor and take anything and everything they say with a large grain of salt. And when it's from The Absolute Sound? You'll need a few pounds of salt. What exactly makes them "professional" reviewers? Their technical understanding of what they review? (ha, hardly). Their...
When somebody is looking at an optical illusion, do you tell them to trust their eyes?
I'm not following your point about power. The current required to deliver the same power isn't really the issue. It's the current required to deliver the same voltage, as an amp is generally viewed as an ideal voltage source. So the current actually is doubled into a 4 Ohm load vs. an 8 Ohm load, for a given voltage output from the amplifier.You are correct about the extra current being delivered causing the AVR to run hotter, and that could lead the amp to shutdown...
How old are they? Have they ever been repaired or checked out by a technician?I did also used to own another piece of equipment that I didn't mention, a 1990-ish stereo receiver from a brand I'm not naming. By about year 2000, it sounded like garbage - compressed, lifeless, no bass - even at low to mid levels. It had parts (caps) that had gone bad.It's not so likely that *both* your old receivers have gone bad, but it's a possibility.Any way you can borrow a newer...
Your evil side suits you well. Go with it!
Is that in the same language as your original poll question?It seems you can't understand the measurement, just as you can't type coherent sentences.
It sure does. It sure does.
Harsh, but so true, and so funny.
Please share some measured data showing *any* AVR distorting badly when driving a 4 Ohm load at, say, 40 watts (which would be really loud levels).AV Fanboys?For your info, I currently own a Denon AVR, a Yamaha AVR, an Onkyo stereo receiver, two Cambridge Audio integrated amps, and an NAD integrated amp. None of them have any issues with my 4 Ohm speakers (that drop to 2.x Ohms through much of the midrange) at the levels I listen at (moderate).
What is leading you to buy a new one? (Just curious).
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