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In anticipation of using Vegas Pro 13 am looking at getting a desktop computer to run the editing software. I like Don's idea about using a dedicated computer exclusively for video editing. Stopped by my local B--Buy and asked what they recommend for video editing. I was shown an ASUS M51AD=BO5 which comes with a NVIDIA GTX 760 dedicated graphics card, the Intel Core i7 Processor, Windows 8.1 64-bit, and I believe 12 GB memory and 2 TB Hard Drive. It has bluetooth and...
Got a grin out of that "3D bizzaro world which we inhabit" reference. More truth to that than might appear at first glance.
That is good news as my COSTCO has the SanDisk 45 MBs Class 10 cards though as I recall only in 32 GB. If I remember correctly the packaging does identify the cards as suitable for HD video and 3D. I find that a good price point is to find cards that cost a dollar or less per GB so 32 GB for close to 32 dollars is a good value only to be bettered by the Black Friday specials which I watch for in November to stock up.
I see Vegas Pro 13 was just announced with some specs at NAB. Reportedly stability issues that plagued version 12 have been addressed and there is an added mobile feature where some editing can be done on an IPad. Saw nothing mentioned about 3D but assume the 3D editing strengths from version 12 have at least been maintained. There is a show offer from Videoguys making available Vegas Pro 12 with a free package of instructional videos valued at $300 and which...
Thanks all for the battery and SD card suggestions. The Panasonic finally arrived so in a week or two when I get some time I will start trying it out. Any other suggestions for a newbie?
Thanks for the information. My Z10K is now shipped so should be receiving it in the near future. Guess I will hold off on editing software until I learn more about the new Vegas Pro 13 though the Vegas Moviestudio 13 may be adequate and hopefully presents a shorter learning curve as I am a newbie when it comes to video editing, 2D or 3D. I see that Don and others with both the HD10 and the Z10K are successfully using Vegas 11 and/or 12 to combine 3D video from both...
Thanks for the response. Looks like my planned purchase of the Panasonic is on hold due to some availability issues at the advertised price. The Sony HD-10 is at the Texas service center so for the moment I am without 3D video capability. In my prior shooting the Sony had such good image stabilization I was pretty happy with it but I understand the Panasonic is not at the same level so would probably be the most to benefit from some external stabilization device.
Wow, I just came across my Stedicam Jr. in a box that I had purchased years ago and never got around to using. Think it would be an effective tool for use with the Sony TD-10 or Panny Z1000?
Now in 2014 is the Vegas Pro 11 that is able to handle 1080P still the way to go for creating 3D Blu Rays from 3D video recorded on the Z10000 in 1080 24P? Or is there an updated version of Vegas that is preferable? I am assuming that there could be some significant cost savings in locating the 2011 version. (With the cost down to what I originally paid for my Sony TD-10, I finally bit the bullet and have ordered a Panasonic Z10000 primarily for the benefit of being...
Thanks again.
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