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No, I've seen the TV. I realize it's not a severe curve. I have also seen how they behave in a number of different environments. In my environment I have a wall of windows to the right of my TV. I get no glare with my flat panel plasma, but would pick it up if the set was curved. Short of angling the TV away from the window, I wouldn't be able to solve for this. It's just much easier to control for a flat surface than a curved one.
I believe the 4k rentals are $10. Not bad, actually. The box is overpriced though.
I'd like to see their explanation as to how they think this minimizes glare. It seems to me that while it may minimize a single source of glare, it would be susceptible to more sources of glare from around the room.
This is only a list of the web sites that Best Buy will match. They match any local B&M authorized dealers.
They typically do have minor feature differences. It's not as much to insulate them competitively, as it is to provide clubs a lower cost, since they see more downward price pressure than Amazon & Best Buy due to their membership fees.
Does the club version have exactly the same model # & specs? Would you mind posting a picture of the barcode sticker from the box with the full model number on it?
I agree, the Samsung solution is definitely a stopgap for them. That said, if the Sony solution is to be viable long term, they will have to open it up to more than just Sony TV customers, which would include you eventually. If they don't open it up, it won't be viable and will end up being a moot point. You don't want to be tied to a brand years down the line because they have your movie catalog and won't let you view them on a competitors TV. Personally, I wouldn't...
Well, I guess I disagree with Gizmodo then as well. It may cut down on reflections from one angle, but it picks up on light from many other angles that wouldn't be picked up on an otherwise flat panel. Reflections are just much easier to control/predict on a flat screen.
Not at all. You can manage reflections on a flat surface with some common sense and a little geometry. With a curved surface, it can pick up reflections from other parts of the room that a flat screen wouldn't and direct them back at the viewing position. It is much harder to position the display in such a way as to avoid reflections when you have a curved display. Again, very much like old tube TV's. Please think before you assert that someone else's statements are...
New Posts  All Forums: