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Congrats on the TV! This is a great deal. You paid less than I did, even with my discount. Enjoy!!
I have. Unless something drastic happens, consider this a done deal.
Late March actually, so not too long of a wait.
This seems to be at odds with most of the user comments over at Head-Fi. It certainly didn't come across as a headphone with flat response to me.
As with all speakers, I suppose.
The HU9000 also has an improved version of their micro-dimming.
How does everyone feel about having to go curved if they want Samsungs' best PQ offering?
Great write-up, and looks like a fun show! I can't help but be confused by your analysis of the Velodyne headphones though. Accurate is not a word I would choose to describe them. They are light weight like you said, but feel very poorly made. They sound hollow as well. Have you tried the P7 from B&W? A much more refined specimen for your $400. A deviation, to say the least, from their subs of yesteryear...
Glad to hear it worked out. That is pretty ridiculous. It does seem odd that it was delivered in a red pickup though. Were the guys dressed in Geek Squad uniforms, and were there 2 of them? I would have been livid myself...
Yeah, but these aren't discontinued by Samsung. Charging more for the last few units only works if you can't just go to the next retailer down the block and buy the same thing.
New Posts  All Forums: