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Small business was held accountable to collecting sales tax before the internet came around. The market will provide solutions to help them manage the "burden". I am very "pro-small-business" and I don't see this stifling anything. And many of the "small-businesses" being affected here, are relatively large in size. It has had a huge effect on state tax revenue. And while we do need to cut spending, enforcing current tax law is not just a ploy to get more taxes. They...
Too obvious?
It's all driven by the vendors. The benefit for them is two-fold. They avoid eroding the perceived price of their products, avoiding a race to the bottom, and they also gain market share in audio categories. To them, sales still increase when they do a bundle, so they think everything is great.The other side of this is, everyone will tell you they'd rather have a lower price if given the choice. That is obvious. They'll still buy it with the free soundbar though. ...
Not that it helps your situation, but for the sake of explaining the method behind the madness... In order for deals like the free M7 to happen, the manufacturer funds the discount. If they substitute a sound bar, or apply the savings to the TV, the manufacturer will not reimburse the dealer.
Everybody places a different value on money, or even the benefit of owning the best plasma. It's not always going to line up with your value-set. Not saying anyone is right or wrong.
Respectfully, it's not really a matter of whether or not to charge sales taxes. Legally, people are supposed to pay these taxes already. The debate is about whether or not the states have a right to compel businesses to collect the taxes at the point-of-sale for businesses that do not have a presence in said state. Online businesses being required to collect sales tax is really just a natural progression of law in the internet commerce age. So it's not really about...
It all comes around full circle. How is the picture?
It is true that MDC stores only have the one option, and unfortunately, you cannot purchase the BBY 2yr or 5yr plans. I purchased mine from MDC as well. The plan is identical though, to the BBY plan. As has already been said, it covers much more than the ST plan, though you do pay more for it. I wouldn't describe it as a 1+3 plan though. Coverage begins on day 1 and you deal with BBY/Magnolia directly. The additional coverages above and beyond the standard warranty...
Good to hear man! Shouldn't have any issues with that. Geek Squad delivery is pretty decent. And I'm not just saying that because I work there!
True, but if the ZT is the darker of the two images, the camera would overexpose the Kuro image causing some of the lack of detail in that image. Not an ideal comparison, but the purple monster does seem to show a little more detail.
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