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Thanks again.
Since they all sound similar and timbre matching is out of the equation how would you define a CC as the "best"? Not much left to be the best unless you consider more expensive to be best.
Local Guitar Center has Speakon/banana cable @ $26 for 10 ft. I was wanting to use one like in your link or a Speakon to Speakon and save $10 per cable.Looks like I can buy the cheaper and terminate the amp end with my choice of connectors.
What amps have you heard that were the opposite of the way you describe Classe?Due to the close relationship between Rotel and B&W I would think that Rotel would also be designed to mate with B&W speakers.
Can you cut one end off the Speakon wire and use the bare wire/banana connectors for the amp?
FWM also does not have any graphs or back up data. He just expects everyone to believe him.
Just strap them on the Harley. Of course that may be too much vibration.
Didn't you replace a defective Onkyo with a Denon that arrived defective also?
Over weight females usually live longer than the male who mentions that they are obese.
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