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Using the cinema mode without changing settings has been more than bright enough for me even in daylight.
really? and how would you know theyve all been shut down? lol
Yeah I was gonna say I can't imagine with how many ST60s they are selling right now they would cease production all the early. Too much money to be made. If I remember correctly though the CNET article I read said they were shutting down production in december sometime and exiting in march so idk
My TV buzzes. More so the whiter the screen. no really that noticeable though and impossible to notice when you have a 5.1 surround system with 2 epik legend subs lol
hmmm interesting. I figured it would do something to meet the energy standard just wasn't sure what. Is there a general consensus that this setting should be turned to off?
Outta curiosity what does changing it from eco to standard do?
I have been wondering what to set my panel and PS3 to for movie watching and gaming. Should I be setting it to 1080p Pixel Direct and 96Hz and whatnot? I keep hearing about these things and understand them slightly but not very much
What do you mean is there an easier way such as turning the audio off on the TV itself? Just turn the volume down...how is that remotely hard? I am running an AVR and the first thing I did was just turn the volume down to zero
can you put a pixel flipper on a usb stick that can load up as fast as the slides?
Hmm you are probably right. Although I had a bit of IR from the xbox logo in the top right of the screen and the slides got ride of it. I assume you are correct regarding any form of stubborn IR
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